– Echart Tolle


Easy as pie right. I mean how hard can it be.
I always say “I don’t judge”. And, I’m a free spirit, how can I be attached to anything of this world?
But am I not? Judging, attaching, clinging, holding on to, objectifying, possessing; me, my, mine.
When death comes, if it was mine, how come I can’t take it with me? My body is dead, my concepts are seen and gone, my ideas never mine – all was borrowed and now to be returned.

Everything becomes as long as “I” is in the sentence.
Ego, in Latin, means I. So how to separate the two?

Ever fleeting thoughts, actions, reactions, emotions and outcomes that steer the ship either which way. Seems I’m never getting anywhere with this ever revolving needle in the compass I’m resorting to for a clear-cut course. An ever-changing heading. But I am.
If I stand still and breath the calm air from inside the eye of the storm.
Be still. Be the water. Don’t react. Act.
Why wasn’t I taught that?
Would’ve been much easier right, …to have been born with all the answers.

Now life is teaching me. And it’s hard. Stepping out of suffering from ignoring change – transforming the vessel to become a beacon of light and love to attract dull flies to find their own inner light.
Someone, something attracted me to the light. Burned my wings. Rose again and growing new wings that itch with every inch of its sprouting growth.
Shedding a torn skin, sandpapered down with time to dress the vessel in a shiny new suite.
It’s a constant process. Never finished. Yet, as soon as the now emerges from behind the ego – the ego dies.
It cannot live in the now.
And to live in the now, is another post, for another now.


As of now:
– The Rub
Losing control of an egoic structure that no longer serves me.


– The Poison
Trying to control, holding on. Attaching to the present moment’s transformative expressions.


Let go and let God.
Surrender – Give up the self to know theyself.


A powerful tool for letting go of unwanted negative energy:

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