This argument, or statement to something that is now a truth to me, came out of a short remark regarding a funny video me and a friend recently watched.
The clip is a sketch, in which two Scottish men walk into a voice operated elevator. They are going to the 11th floor and clearly try to state their number to the elevator operating system. It fails to recognize their accent and they try over and over. My friend considered this to be “quite racist”. That all Scotts talk like this is sound incomprehensible.

I thought to myself, how are Scotts, a different race than Britts, Peruvians, Mongolians, people from Finland or any other place on this earth?
Are we not the same race?
We are definitely not of different races. Ethnicities sure and different backgrounds and cultures – but we bleed the same, stink the same, smile and laugh the same. There’s no racial difference.
Only color.

And maybe here’s a good time to argue color.
When people with pale skin blush their skin turns red. When injured it turns blue, yellow, greenish and sometimes purple! When the sun hits the skin for a long time it goes from red, to brown, to very dark. Yet, dark people are referred to as colored?
That doesn’t make any sense.

Prejudism, which is not even a real word, though it is more of a real fact or truth than racism, is what most people refer to when they use the word racism.

And we all judge. Every single one of us. We put people in boxes and stick labels to them. Fast than we can comprehend. If we’re attentive to unconscious act, we can actually remove the labels and take the judgement out of the box we put it in – to become more open-minded and less judgemental.
All it does is separate people, things, and all that is living in our world.
So we are all prejudists. But never racists!

If segregation separates us from being one, feeling like we all of the same origin, failing to recognize that we cannot live without each-other than what good is it?
I strongly believe that there are a few ways to move out from separation.
One by deeply looking at what we say, what the words we use really mean and how we react to certain words in a way we might actually be unconscious about doing. One is to move from ego to awareness. One is to challenge everything I think know. Because really, …really! What do I know?!

What are my personal experiences with the things and thoughts I consider to be true and a fact?
I did not do the research, journalistic deep-diving into a subject or “followed the money” to the source of a truth. I just swallowed what I was fed. And we do this. By trusting the person that delivers a fact. The more convincing the person delivers the information, the deeper we root that to be a part of us and “who we are”.
It becomes part of our identity. “I know this, therefore I can position myself somewhere where I am looked upon as this or that”. If a large number of people agree on something, it doesn’t make it so. It just means that they are all deceived and believe in a fantasy.

But we try to convince each other. All the time.
“Trust me, I know.” Or “I have a PhD in math, so I know math”
Funny, how the dictionary on my laptop quietly and not at all provokingly tells me that Math is nothing more than a fantasy.

the abstract science of number, quantity, and space, either as abstract concepts (pure mathematics), or as applied to other disciplines such as physics and engineering (applied mathematics)

Because when I look up abstract it defines it as:
existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence: abstract concepts such as love or beauty.

Gravity is the same concept. The apple falls. Absolutely. But it’s not because of gravity.
Gravity is a word. But has never been proven.
Isaac Newton used a whole lot of “if’s” to define gravity. But never a “There for”.
So we basically just trusted his powerful way of persuading us that gravity works this way, and is there for: real!

The phenomenon is real. Yes. But how it works – still undefined. Yet we take it for granted. But did you ever do your own research? Or do you take it as a fact, or truth?

Think about it, next time you try to convince someone of something. Is it a water-proof, one hundred percent true fact? Or did someone plat that seed in you to have you water a plant that would wither and die in the light of truth and consciousness?

Tough cookie to swallow – but I believe that is a truth.


As of now:
– The Rub
What the hell am I really saying, and what is hell by the way?!

– The Poison
Believing what others say. Taking their word to be truth.

Let go and let God.
Trusting myself. The all-knowing inner source of knowledge, for that which is worth knowing.  Truth has no name, no sound or no word assigned to it.

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